We help clients manage the building envelope

and the structural integrity of their design

Building Analysis

Be Proactive with Building Envelope Analysis. As a Registered Roof Observer, we can offer our expert analysis for facilities large and small.

Design Review

From Concept to Ribbon Cutting, we are a team player. With over 50 years of combined experience in the

Building Solutions

Integrated offers solution based designs.  We are not contractors nor are we affilitated with any material suppliers, so we


Customized Service

We¬†work with architects, designers, contractors and developers to provide advice, oversight, and performance evaluations to ensure that all components of a building’s exterior meet the structural standards necessary to provide protection from the elements.



WP Membrane Pinholes: Cause and Control

Check out this article from Build Meets World on how to mitigate Pinholes when you are applying a waterproof membrane on decking. https://blog.tremcosealants.com/pinholes-cause-and-control